An image of hands holding a baby plant

In January 2016, the Snohomish Church of the Nazarene board approved moving forward with a community garden — an idea that had been in formation for quite some time.

The church property includes a 1/4-acre of lawn that is mostly used to entertain the lawn mower, and visionaries saw it as a transformational opportunity to meet needs in our community and bring people together.

At our initial planning meeting in January, we formed our mission and vision.


The Garden of Hope strives to be a conduit for community connectedness through relationship building, promoting healthful living, helping our neighbors, and inspiring personal growth.


The Garden of Hope’s key success factors are core values that embody its existence. These include:

  1. The Garden of Hope builds community peace by being an inviting and welcoming community gathering place. Gardening provides relaxing therapy, encourages collaboration and brotherly love, and helps people develop relationships with their neighbors.
  2. The Garden of Hope promotes healthful living. Garden and service activities will provide a holistic approach to well-being of mind, body and soul. The garden also helps change perspectives about what people eat and how they obtain their food.
  3. The Garden of Hope is an educational environment. Community members work together to learn and teach gardening methods, explore emerging trends in gardening, and give back to the community. The garden provides service, internship, and job-training opportunities for youth and adults.
  4. The Garden of Hope provides an opportunity for people to bear the Lord’s fruit. By following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we can demonstrate love, grace and mercy while developing relationships among people and with God.

Through subsequent posts, we’ll share about how the garden is coming together and ways you can be involved. In the meantime, if you have questions or thoughts about the garden, contact garden director Joni Kirk.